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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making the curriculum accessible to students

As a part of our assessment research Jo and I have been looking at our wonderfully broad curriculum.

As you are probably aware, there is so much more to Literacy than just Reading and Writing.  In fact, Reading and Writing take up only 1/3 of the English curriculum.  We believe that we cannot gloss over the importance of the other 2/3s Speaking, Presenting, Viewing and Listening.

Many of our students are brilliant film makers (and consumers) and do not realise that making meaning from this medium is a valued skill .  This could be because they are often only assessed (and their parents and government formally reported to) on their abilities to do with written language.

Why do we value reading over listening?

We wondered if we gave students access to all aspects of the English Curriculum could they then learn about and create 'texts' in other ways?

The act of child-speaking the curriculum ourselves turned out to be great PD. Our next step is to share what we have done with our students, you, and your students and get multiple insights and meanings.

This will not stop with English. The technology curriculum is our next target.

There is nothing in the National Standards literature that says schools have to use commercial narrow testing,  Therefore there is nothing stopping us bringing the NZ Curriculum back into NZ classrooms.

Here is our first draft of English (Level 3). Yours and student feedback is very welcome...


  1. This is a very powerful concept! We talk about ownership of learning but this is the first time I have heard talk of the curriculum in child speak. I am focussed this year on learning paths co constructed with the students so that they can easily identify their achievements and their own next steps.

    It was enthralling watching the construction of this albeit a bit sad that it was Saturday night's viewing and social event!

    Look forward to seeing what comes from this, next! :)

  2. I have given my students parts of the curriculum to discuss and implement. They were spurned on by the idea of having to know something and being able to use it to further their knowledge. I like your idea and would love to see more of it.

  3. Thanks Bill - will keep you posted! I'm liking the look of the work you are doing around SOLEs also. Might be fun to connect our kids up sometime...