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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Learner Voice - ask the kids!

This is a really interesting talk from Stephen Heppell in relation to Learner Voice.

In this talk Stephen highlights the importance of student voice. He shows how our learner's satisfaction with technology is increasing while at the same time their satisfaction with the curriculum (as we know it) is decreasing.

He shows compelling examples of self-learning from a child who has been ejected from the education system, the importance of allowing children to skype with other children around the world to share what kind of learning works, and he brings in fresh footage from a child-designed school. (I want a whiteboard surface table now!)

Given the acceleration of new stimulating technologies, how can we make our school seductive and places that children want to be?  How can we engage our kids so that they cannot wait to get to school each day? The answer is really quite simple. Ask the kids, and make them a part of the decision making process in all facets of education. Ensure their voice is heard.

Like the sound of it?

Invest 46 minutes of your time in this - (Fresh off the press from the 21st Century Learning Conference - Hong Kong)

Be Very Afraid

Stephen Heppell Saturday Keynote Address from Graeme Deuchars on Vimeo.

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