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Monday, November 28, 2011

Bar Camps in the Primary School Context

Reports and assessment are done and dusted. Our laptops have been stolen. Books are due back in the library, our art supplies are low. We are plagued by senior prize-giving and graduation rehearsals. It's the end of the term and we know it ...but I feel fine.

Why? I introduced by kids to the concept of the 'unconference'.

After yet another inspirational emerging leaders ignite talk from Mark Osborne, and a too-and-fro tweet jam with Tim Kong, I decided to give it a go with my class.

To be honest, I went in with low expectations thinking "what have I got to lose?"

Now I am sitting here at the end of the day wanting to shout to the hills - "Today was AWESOME!"

All it took was a short explanation, a google form, and they were off!

Today was a preparation day - but interestingly the kids 'couldn't wait' they have already started teaching and learning with their friends and they are ready to replicate their "workshops" tomorrow with kids they don't normally work with. They are promoting their workshops in the playground - "wanna learn how to dougie? come to my workshop!"

Kids are naturals. The 'teach me how to dougie' teacher had an inherent success criteria (keep your arms close to your body) and used something that the kids could to relate to (spongebob flipping burgers).

It's nice to have enthusiastic engaged kids at this time of the year!

Try it!


  1. Woohoo, that is soooo cool. What an awesome celebration at the end of a great year of learning. In my class I run a home learning programme where the learners prepare to teach every Friday - it is on a letter of the week - eg week one anything starting with A. The expectation is that each learner teaches the class something new. I would sure love to use your idea next year! Good luck for the rest of the fun workshops!
    Anne K

  2. Hi Room 12

    I've just been watching some of your videos -great work! And I love the idea of you bar camp, and the QR link to your blog.

    I am sad to hear about the stolen laptops though. I hope you get them back or can get replacements soon so that you can get back to all the stuff you do on them.

  3. Fantastic and inspiring! Off to practise dougie-ing...