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Sometimes good thinks happen and sometimes bad thinks happen. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two.

Some thinks need immediate action and some thinks may remain as thinks forever. Thinks can be angry and heated. Thinks can be joyful. Thinks should never be cold.

These thinks are linked to many other wonderful thinks and I like to attribute these.

These thinks do not necessary reflect those thinks of my employer.

Think long, think on.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Videoing - a tool for reflection

This term we are doing the DARE programme. We are also exploring personal writing because the two fit in quite well together.

As a warm-up and a welcome back to school activity I handed out cards that had faces on them portraying different emotions. The kids worked together in groups and were required to 'act out' the emotion to see if the class could guess it.

The children were told that we would be filming the acts so that we could post them to the class blog so that other people could try and guess the emotions too.

Here is an example

Interestingly the emotion they were trying to portray was 'BORDOM' Shannon was yawning at Rionne's juggling. Because of the video footage we were able to play it back and reflect upon it over and over again. Pointing out that it also portrayed laughter, frustration and embarrassment. What other emotions can you see?

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