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Friday, July 16, 2010

Tony Ryan (Tony's Themes)

"This is a post about a superhero called Tony. It's called Tony's theme."
The above pixies song was in my head and 'stuck on replay' during the 3 Tony Ryan talks I saw.

There were many themes that he covered, one of the many that 'took' me is that we need to TRUST our KIDS and TEACHERS. Particularly in the context of gaming. He acknowledges that about 10 percent of games have little merit and points out that MOST of the games our kids are playing in online environments require enormous amounts of problem solving. He point out further that the skills from these games can indeed be transferred into the 'real world' with this cute story. He suggests that rather than trying to resist gaming and endlessly debate the merits and pitfalls of it, we should GOIAMO (get over it and move on) because it's here so why not work WITH it.

He also referred us to this good little read which also made me think that we really need to stop blocking facebook and twitter from our schools. Look at all the rich learning opportunities we are forcing our kids to miss out on.

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