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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anonomous guy

I liked the careful way the this guy so delicately slipped the writing of national standards into his list of things he'd done. He didn't make up the idea of them but he contributed to writing the actual book of them.

I wonder what would have happened if everyone they approached had said
"uuuum sorry Anne, better things to do with my life"
I don't blame them, we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed - I was just wondering.

He was also a part of the groups that were brought together for ONE WEEKEND (yes, one weekend) to write the back part of the curriculum (you know, the foldy out bit) . Interestingly I had just been listening to Mark Treadwell the day before who said to "just rip that part out".

It's not their fault. Rome wasn't built in a weekend ...

He was a gorgeous man. He didn't seem to mind that only a handful of teachers had brought the curriculum with them and happily handed out his spare copies of the curriculum, the progressions and the national standards that he had 'dug out' the night before at home. He had fantastic ideas, passion and years of experience. He had a genuine passion for literacy and learning.  His PowerPoint show was brought to life with fabulous picture book readings and he even gave me an "AHA" moment (which was pretty exciting). He had good practical examples and I left with screeds of ideas and a basic unit plan entrenched in my head for the next term. GOOD STUFF!

He had incredible ideas on assessment, REAL ASSESSMENT, which made me question (out loud - oh dear) why oh why do we have crappy Asttle as a recommended national standards tool. 

It was a weird moment when he approached me at the end and said "don't you go back to school and tell them I said NOT to use Asttle". Your secret is safe with me ... Anonymous Guy ...

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